Account Pledge Agreement Definition

The agent`s exclusive discretion153, the perfection and priority of the administrative officer`s security interest153 for warranties, (ii) in the event and during the pursuit of a delay, to perfect and maintain the collection and recovery of security money; (iii) submit a carbon, photo or other reproduction of this security agreement or funding statement regarding security as a funding statement and submit any other funding statement or other change to a funding statement (which does not include a funding statement or other funding statement (which does not include a funding statement or a change in a funding statement). or desirable, at its sole discretion, to perfect and maintain the perfection and priority of the interest of the 153 securities management officer for collateral, (iv) on and during the pursuit of a default, one or more agreements with issuers of non-certified securities held by collateral and held by financial intermediaries who hold other assets , to the extent necessary or advisable, to transfer control of these securities or other assets to the administrative officer, (v) during and during the continuation of a late or acceleration payment event and, subject to the provisions of Section 4.1.5, to ensure payment of instruments, accounts and receivables on behalf of the administrative officer or donor; (vi) the proceeds of the warranty; that the administrator receives on the guarantees received in Articles VII and vii) in order to reduce taxes, charges, taxes, royalties or outstanding security links (excluding Links, which are expressly authorized in this document or as part of another loan document), and each grantor agrees to ask the administrative officer, within fifteen (15) days after requesting a reasonable payment or reasonable cost. who are subject to the administrative headquarters, the agent in connection with the office, provided that this authorization does not exempt Grantor from any of its obligations under this guarantee agreement or credit contract. In the ancient medieval law, especially in Germanic law, there were two kinds of pledges, be possessed (see Altenglisch wed, Altfranie ernss, althochdeutsch wetti, Latin pignus depositum), i.e. supplied from the beginning, or not possessed (cf. OE b`d, OFr nam, nant, OHG pfant, L pignus oppositum), i.e. distracted at the due date, and essentially led to the principle of law. This distinction persists in some systems, for example. B in French pledge vs. collateral and Dutch vuistpand vs. stil pand. Reciprocal symbolic (symbolic) commitments have generally been included in official ceremonies to consolidate agreements and other transactions. 7.2.

Receiving debts. The administrator may, at any time after the late or acceleration event, inform each recipient in writing, require that the claims be paid directly to the administrative officer for the benefit of the secured parties. In this case, each grantor must give the administrative officer the opportunity to grant the administrative officer`s interests to debtors or debtors without delay in the debts that belong to the lender of the board of directors, and to induce those debtors or debtors to pay directly to the administrative officer any amount payable in connection with these claims.