Agreement Between Congress And China 2008

“We see that there is something that seems to be what might be called, unheard of and absurd in the law. They say China has an agreement with a political party and not with the government. How can a political party reach an agreement with China,” said Judge SA Bobde`s chairman at the hearing.¬†Give an order that NIA orders to review as part of the AUPA,” the petitioners asked. After days of silence on the 2008 MoU with China`s ruling Communist Party, Congress leader Anand Sharma admitted on Thursday that Rahul Gandhi, then secretary general of the Congress, was signing the youth delegations exchange with a senior Chinese minister and was atthrasing the BJP`s “malicious disinformation campaign” against the old party. Their personal relationship was only underlined by the fact that the Chinese president at the time, Hu Jintao, met with Sonia Gandhi to sign the MoU on a day when 70 heads of state from around the world came to Beijing for the 2008 Olympics, showing the importance he gave her as an individual. On the occasion of the Communist Party`s 90th anniversary celebrations in 2011, Congress President Sonia Gandhi gave some details about the 2008 MoU in an exclusive interview with China`s Xinhua news agency during the second term of the UPA government, which expanded the need for closer relations between the two political parties. Following the recent punch between the Indian and Chinese armies in Ladakh, the Congress Party stepped up its attack on the Narendra Modi government, which accuses it of failing on diplomatic and military fronts. At a time when opposition parties, especially the Congress Party, have blasted the Modi government because of the continuing stalemate and Chinese aggression that followed the lake on Monday, which led to the unfortunate deaths of Indian soldiers, further details about the intimate link between the Congress Party and the Communist Party of China (CPC) – the ruling political party and the only political party in China – are emerging. Fort Zorawar in Demjok was destroyed by the PLA in 2008 and the PLA created an observation point in 2012 under the UPA and also created the new Demjok/Colony with 13 cemented houses. Read: BJP Wary of Manmohan Singh`s Statements on China; Seeking an explanation for the 2008 Rahul Pact In 2008, Sonia Gandhi travelled to Beijing with Rahul, her daughter Priyanka, son-in-law Robert Vadra and two children to participate in the opening of the Olympic Games.

A year earlier, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi had also led a Congress Party delegation to China.