Alliance Solus Agreements

“Much of the initial focus was on Pfizer`s distribution agreements, especially since UniChem was first named exclusively. Pfizer`s original intention was not in favor of a solus supply agreement, and while some parties have worked hard and continue to work to highlight their perceived `flaws` of this particular model, UniChem`s primary concern was to ensure the safety and continuity of care for patients with Pfizer drugs,” he says. Since the implementation of Pfizer`s Solus distribution model in March, several surveys have taken place among municipal pharmacists and each has shown that this particular model has created problems for community pharmacy,” said Steve Dunn, Group Managing Director of AAH Pharmaceuticals. Examples of problems raised by pharmacists are poorer cut-off periods for orders, reduced discounts, lack of delivery times and quotas set at the pharmacy level, which lead to availability issues for Pfizer drugs, as well as increased paperwork and bureaucracy. This is hardly an attractive outcome, especially at a time when pharmacists can and should offer more services to patients, Dunn adds. However, Deloitte city financial advisors may see some value in the Pfizer decision, both for the drug manufacturer and for the broader pharmaceutical community. Dean Arnold, a deloitte partner and head of health for Europe, admits that choosing the UK community pharmacist is a double-edged sword. Honestly, I don`t think a solus deal is good news, but while this new one is likely to be a short-term hurdle for AAH, it could offer unexpected benefits in the future. I don`t want Alliance to be too big for its boots. Either way, now that Alliance has lost the ability to deliver MSD`s lineup, which amounts to many common products, Alliance is no longer in a position to be the only wholesaler everyone has to use, whether they like it or not – AAH and Alliance are on a more equal footing. AAH secured several smaller solus deals (e.g.

Ferring Pharma) earlier this year, but MSD is its first solus deal to supply the community pharmacy with such an important product. AAH has had many solus agreements with hospital contracts for some time, but so far, none of its Solus contracts will have as much effect. Welcome to the new Alliance Healthcare directory for agency, solus and double arrangement arrangements. We have changed the way we present these supply chain agreements to make the information available more accessible to our customers. Pharmacies that have a prescription for EpiPen 0.3 mg or EpiPen Jr 0.15 mg of adrenaline auto-injectors can order up to two devices per prescription. Please send anonymized prescriptions to Alliance Healthcare`s Recipe Validation Department, by email at (or by fax 0330 332 8126). Please provide your Alliance Healthcare account number when ordering. Only as an example is AAH offering a slightly better discount on Roche lines than Alliance, so Phoenix frontline customers who bought their Roche shares of Alliance could switch to AAH. The result could be that Alliance decides to improve some of its discounts and perhaps even give up its small spending surcharge in order to maintain the dominant position they risk losing to AAH`s account. At present, the AAH alliance dominates the hospital sector, but due to the recent explosion of solus agreements, Alliance is able to offer the community a wider choice of products. Budenofalk Capsules, Budenofalk Granules and Zäpfchen Salofalk are only available through our sales partner Solus AAH.

For these products, please call AAH after-sales service on 0844 561 8899. I don`t remember any announcement that Alliance should become the only distributor. .