Autodesk Maya License Agreement

Upon termination of these Terms for any reason (i), your account, subscriptions, and other offerings, including those of your Authorized Users, will terminate immediately, (ii) you will cease to access the Offerings (including access and use by your Authorized Users), and (iii) enforce the effects described above on the operation or termination of a subscription or other offering. Autodesk® Software is not sold. On the contrary, we grant it to the end user under the terms of a software license agreement. Autodesk Software License Terms may vary depending on the specific product of the software and the version you have licensed from Autodesk, as well as the specific geographic region in which you purchased your software license. We generally provide our software license agreements as a click-through license within each software product. Please respect the software product corresponding to the software license agreement that applies to that software. If you do not have another agreement directly with Autodesk that regulates and modifies your use of Autodesk software products, you are subject to the terms of the software license agreement that is attached to the software product. For your convenience, we have published below the software license agreements for some of our products and software versions. These agreements are made available for reference purposes only. Remember that you are bound by the specific software license agreement that applies to any software product that you have licensed and installed. If you cannot find the software and version you have licensed and installed below, please contact License. A single-access subscription is a good choice for organizations that need one or more standalone licenses.

Stand-alone licenses are then assigned to individual users. These subscriptions cost less than subscriptions with multi-user access. “Covered Software” means Autodesk software for which you subscribe to a subscription to individual users, as set forth in your order confirmation or license identification. Any additional software code (which may include modular additions or extensions to a version of the covered software, hotfixes, executable files, libraries, plug-ins, extensions, or other software functions that complement or enhance a version of the covered software) that do not require a separate installation and cannot function independently of a version of the covered software (to which this additional software code refers), Being made available to you, or your designated user, as a benefit of your subscription to individual users, is considered part of that version of the covered software (to which this additional software code refers), unless otherwise specified by Autodesk….