Carleton Residence Agreement

While our service strives to meet all requests for special accommodation in the residence, we are not able to guarantee all wishes. If you accept residency, you agree to an eight-month agreement (September – April). Please read the following information, from section 17 to section 21 of the residence agreement regarding the extract before the end of your contract, by clicking here. c. If the residence contract is terminated for reasons of conduct, the resident is responsible for all the living expenses and is not entitled to reimbursement of part of it. Housing application procedures vary depending on a candidate`s academic status or semester. Please note that all types of students who are currently moderate or who have accepted an offer of admission for the fall semester and who are enrolled in full-time studies, offer them from February 1st at 10:00 online to apply/accept for the fall stay. Please click here for our Dates Deadlines and Important Page for more dates of stay. Students who require special accommodation for medical reasons are requested to indicate this on the housing information form when applying. Students who declare this requirement in their application for stay must also provide supporting documents until the deadline indicated in the “Special Needs” section. Please click here for more information.

If you have a non-emergency problem in your residence, you can use our online work order system to report your request. Register here for eRezLife and click on “Work Order” under “Forms”, fill out your application and click on “Send Work Order”. 19. In the event of termination and unless the contract is terminated in accordance with section 20, the resident remains fully responsible for all living expenses provided for in section 20. Please read the information contained in the agreement before completing a withdrawal form. 20. A resident who, for medical reasons and/or exceptional circumstances beyond his control, is unable to continue to live in residence may submit to the university a written application accompanied by all applicable supporting documents, including medical documents, in order to request a proportional reimbursement of his living expenses. The application must be submitted within thirty (30) days of the resident`s resignation.

Applications are reviewed and decided by the university at its own discretion. The 2020-2021 residency standards are available here. . 17. The University may terminate this agreement with a period of 72 hours if: PLEASE NOTE THAT THE AVAILABILITY OF ACCOMMODATION FOR THE WINTER SEMESTER DEPENDS ON THE WITHDRAWAL OF CURRENT RESIDENTS. In recent years, we have offered space to every type of student, but this is not guaranteed. Offers are sent until mid-November until January. . b. The university is not responsible for the care or supervision of residents under the age of 18, and these residents are treated, wherever permitted by law, as residents who have reached the age of majority.

b. the occupant fails to make a payment due under this Agreement until the date on which it is due. b. in violation of quarantine standards or university guidelines; Click here for the Carleton University Residence Agreement 2020-21. Please define your student status and then click on the link below for the application procedures and deadlines for your type of application: a. The resident pays the university a management and processing fee of $700.00 .c. The parent or legal guardian acknowledges and agrees that the University may not provide or disclose personal data about a resident who is 16 years of age or older without the express written consent of that resident. Part of the application process includes filling in the residency information form….