Coastal Housing Tenancy Agreement

If you want to end your lease, you must first do a few things: Welcome to your new home, you must keep your signed lease in a safe place. You can refer to your agreement to advise you on your responsibilities as a BCH tenant and find out what you can expect from us as a landlord. To learn how to end a rental agreement after a bereavement, click here to read our fact sheet. Once we have received your application form, we will review your case and advise you in writing if you have the right to transfer your rental. It is part of your rental agreement that the rent is paid in advance to prevent your account from being late. The keys must be indicated with the address of the accommodation and deposited in our Coastal House Head Office. We will give you a receipt for this. Please do not send us the keys and do not leave them in the property, as this delays the end date of the lease. To make sure you are happy at home and help you in case of a rental problem, our neighborhood managers make a visit to your home. This is usually the case every year.

The visit will also determine who lives in the property and identify any support needs we could help with. If we accept that your rental can be assigned, we will ask you to come to us to make the deed of assignment. The person you sign your rental to must also come with you. You must notify us in writing for 4 weeks – you can do this by filling out a cancellation form which can be picked up from our offices at Coastal House or Grange Park. .