The Great and Powerful Resume

Teaching Experience:

Ferrum College, Ferrum VA, Assistant Professor of Art. 2012-Present,
Art Program Coordinator 2014-Present

ART 100 Introduction to Art and Artists: Survey course introducing contemporary and past artists and their chosen media.
ART 101 2-D Design, Art Foundation: Introduction to the basic elements of are and principals of design using a variety of media.
ART 104 Drawing Fundamentals: Focuses on the basic attributes of visual representation using primarily dry media.
ART 105 A The Color Course, Foundations: Introduction to the scientific principles of color representation through RGB, HSB, CMYK and RBY systems. Students use both digital and analogue media.
ART 212 Introduction to Painting: Fundamental principles of painting within the environment of oil-based media.
ART 312 Intermediate Painting: Introduces more advanced principles and techniques of painting.
ART 201 Basic Computer Graphics: An introduction to digital design and art production within the Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop environments.
ART 215 A Digital Photography : Introduces students to digital process photography and editing within the Adobe Photoshop lab environment.
ART 322 Graphic Design, Print Media: Furthers the skills learned in Art 201 and introduces Adobe InDesign. Students produce real world package designs as well as experimenting with various formats for exporting their work.

Virginia Western Community College, Roanoke VA, Adjunct Professor, 2007-2013

ART 121 Drawing 1: Focuses on the basic attributes of visual representation using mainly dry media such as charcoal and graphite on paper.
PHT 101 Analog Photography: Introduces students to chemical process (analogue) photography using an SLR camera and black and white lab techniques.
PHT 164 Introduction to Digital Photography: Introduces students to digital process photography using a DSLR camera and editing within the Adobe Photoshop environment.

The George Washington University, Washington D.C., Adjunct Professor. 2005-2006

Drawing 1: Focused on the basic attributes of visual representation using mainly dry media.
Introduction to Computer Art: Instructed students in basic art production within Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
Watercolor 1: Introduced the fundamental principles of art within the environment of water-based media.

The Guy Mason Center, Washington D.C., Adult Educator. 2004-2006

Introduction to Studio Art: Provided basic drawing and painting skills to beginner level adult and senior students.
Intermediate Painting: Advanced the skills gained in the Introduction to Studio Art class.
Beginning Animation: Taught the fundamentals and history of basic animation using analogue techniques.
Continuing Animation: A combination of analog and digital animation techniques. Primarily using Adobe Premier as a tool for animating still images.

Ladies Night Out, Roanoke VA, Adult Educator. 2012-Present

A Ladies Night Out Painting Class: A painting class designed for women who have never painted before. Classes are in a fun relaxed environment with other students just like themselves. All materials are provided and the students produce a very basic painting each class. Each session focuses on a different principal within the arts.

Freelance Graphic Design Experience, Commercial and Non-Profit:

Queso Southwestern Grill: Full design package including logo, menu, business cards flyers and signage. (Website created by third party.)TYPICALARTGUY LOGO-01
Martin’s Downtown Bar and Grill: Designs including event flyers and magazine adverts.
“The Derby Party”: Donated design package for The Derby Party, a fundraiser benefiting Unbridled Change’s programs providing equine therapy to persons with disabilities. 2010-2012
34 Teeth Bike club: Creation of a logo (Honey badger on a bike) and direct to fabric print shirt design for their 2013 fundraiser.
Judging Annan: The Race Factor: Painted the cover for author Richard Bagudu’s book, a historical account of Kofi Annan’s ascent to power. ISBN 10: 1425960944
The Russian Art Project: Donated poster design for the Maryland non-profit organization which organizes expositions of Russian artworks in the Washington D.C. area, 2006
The Roanoke Valley SPCA: Donated T-shirt designs for special events held between 2003-2006
D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation: Donated publication materials for activities, programs, flyers and magazine entries from 2004-2006

4DD Studios LLC, Roanoke VA, Director of Art. 2007-2013

Developed designs and lead production of sculptures, themed environments and museum exhibits for clients across the nation. Trained artists in the use of materials including: gypsum, plastic, foam, wood, vinyl, and silicone. Researched and acquired new techniques and technologies. Was responsible for product pricing and project management as well as training and evaluating employees. Programed and operated the large format CNC router capable of foam, wood, composite, metal and stone milling. Operated two 3D laser scanners and their accompanying software.

Notable projects include:
The Skokie Holocaust Museum and Education Center, Skokie, IL
The Hall of Heroes Display, the Pentagon Building, Washington, DC
The Las Vegas Museum of Natural History, Las Vegas, NV


The George Washington University: 2006, Master of Fine Arts.

Participated in a contemporary analysis of conceptual arts group course taught by Kristen Hileman, Assistant Curator at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.
Member of the Art Gallery Spaces Committee, a graduate run organization that provides support, management and funding for the student run gallery at The George Washington University and various other display spaces around the D.C. area.
Curated The Video Show. Dimock Gallery, Washington D.C. An open film and video expo designed to incorporate broad community participation from artists throughout the Washington area.

Roanoke College: 2000, Bachelor of Arts.

Fine arts prize in visual arts 2000 Roanoke College Art department.

Technical and Software Skills:

Software experience: Rhino, ArtCam, Nextengine Scanstudio and Frogscan 3D Scanner software, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Indesign, GoLive, Dreamweaver, Adobe Encore DVD, DVD Studio Pro, Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro, and Flash.

Hardware experience: Proficient in various sculpture/shop tools and techniques. Programmer/operator of a 3-axis CNC router and accompanying software. Experienced in mold making, both solid part based and 3D model derived.
Media experience: Oil, Acrylic, Gouache, Watercolor, Pastel, Charcoal, Graphite, and Oilbar. Also worked with fiberglass, encaustic, plaster, plastic, rubber, epoxies and polyester resin image embedding.

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