Rising Puzzle


As part of the city of Roanoke’s “AIR, art in Roanoke” series. I have a sculpture on exhibit in Elmwood Park in Roanoke VA until November of 2016. Designed to mimic the lifting force of wind, it fits into the larger theme of a city in nature. Since the sculpture walk is located next to a Library, I decided to use a puzzle to tie in with the space around the work.

Recently I became very interested in games we played as children. As a child I would sit outside and put together puzzles on my grandfather’s patio. Sometimes the wind would whip the puzzle and pieces would go flying through the air. I always enjoyed the way the linked pieces would rise up and twist but rarely dislodge from each other. Each piece did its part in holding the other in the face of the wind. Even at that young age I recognized the metaphor for community, Puzzles can be simple or complex, large or small, but they all require multiple pieces filling together to function.