Clem’s Cafe

We were hired to produce a 14 foot tall 3D Pig for Clem’s Cafe.  This is a rendition of their logo created in a 3D environment and then carved into foam.

This is the original logo that all work was based on.


It was a low poly graphic with little detail.  The client wanted as close as possible of a reproduction as could be made.

Clem was produced by Creating a 3D model from the logo. The models was then sliced into ninety-four unique pieces.  These pieces were then glued together and finished.

Our 3D rendition of Clem.

Clem coated with plastic.

We used a polyurea coating on Clem.  This is a similar material to Truck bed liner and can withstand impacts and weather.

Clem’s tail could not be produced by CNC routing like most of the rest of the sculpture.  it was made using coiled flexible hose which resin was poured into and left to harden.  The hose jacket was then removed and the resin was further shaped to taper properly.

Clem’s tail was mounted to the body by bolting the armature of the tail to the steel frame inside the sculpture.

Clem was painted using a combination of automotive finishes and a plastic adhesion promoter. His glasses used a reflective coating that was then sealed under multiple layers of clearcoat.

The Clem’s Cafe lettering was made using a CNC hot-wire machine that cut a single thick layer of EPS foam.  These layers were then offset to create the staggered layers you see in the final design.  The flames were also cut in this manner and hand sculpted to give the faceted look requested.

Clem now resides in his new home atop the cafe in Blairsville, PA. You can find out about their business here: